Madden 08 draft guide completion

For whatever reason the amateurs at GameFAQs didn't finish their entire draft guide (I guess they don't like to know what's coming next in the later rounds where you fill out your team), I finished it:

21 DT-83 QB-81
22 G-81
23 QB-79 DT-77
24 K P
25 K P WR-78
26 HB-84 MLB-82 FS-80
27 C-79 FS-78 HB-79 MLB-78 SS-76
28 FS-75 SS-74 MLB-74 HB-77
29 HB-75 C-73 SS-73
30 TE-79 SS-73 C-72
31 FS SS TE C MLB 72
33 DE-80 DT-78
34 DT-73
35 CB-80
36 G T-79
37 G T-76 CB-75 LOLB-75
38 CB-75 OLB-75 G-75 WR-74
39 OLB-69 CB RB T RE-73
40 DE CB G WR T 73
41 same 71
42 same 70
43 same 69 plus OLB
44 same 68
45 same 66
46 QB-74 MLB-71
47 MLB-68 QB-68 FS-67 C-64 SS-64
48 MLB-60 SS-57 HB-72 DT-70 TE-70 CB-69 DT-69

James Cameron sucks now, that's why I won't see Avatar and didn't see Titanic

My wife, true love? She has never seen Titanic, nor did she ever wish to see it. Now that's alright in my book.

Remember in South Park where they try to save films from their directors? It goes one step further. Letting directors have too much control. On one hand, you think about studios who use groupthink and marketing to ruin art. But the other is when there is complete control. That's any film my Michael Bay and/or Jerry Bruckheimer. Steven Spielberg as of late. Or the first three Star Wars films that Lucas did. Geez.

Ok, reference time. Look at Cameron:

In my mind, he went from the best 80's filmmaker to the worst filmmaker since then. I don't even need to see Titanic to know it's drivel. Hell, he's pretty much admitted as much. He used it to finance other projects, like his documentaries and different ways to improve filmmaking. But let's look at the 80's:

-The Terminator: Fantastic. Awesome in it's simplicity. The movie starts and just keeps going. It explains enough without explaining too much. It fires the imagination. The effects were very good. The casting was good. I liked the performances of the actors. I mean, he played Schwarzenegger to his strengths. In retrospect, I wish that the film had no sequels.

-Rambo: First Blood Part II: Ok, I really liked First Blood. One of my favourites. There was a movie that needed no sequel. However, the Rambo character was too intriguing to leave on the shelf. Stallone knew it. And the 80's needed Rambo, given the political climate and uncertainty of nuclear war, communism and our POWs. Now the movie is ultimately Stallone's story, but Cameron made the baby. Stallone raised it.

-Aliens: Yes. I think to most people, this is probably the best one. Aliens3 is my favourite, followed by Alien and then Aliens. But it's not a huge gap. They are all awesome. But Aliens is probably the most important because of the themes it explores in regards to women, especially at the time. Whereas Terminator showed women to be resilient and survivors, Aliens took it further and juxtaposed maternity from friendly and unfriendly perspectives. Clearly, he understands nature - wild and human. Plus, the movie just rocked.

-The Abyss: Again, one of my all-time favourite films. This is the only one of his movies I actually own. While he got some good performances out of the actors in Aliens, admittedly there were some issues with his style. The Abyss, he just killed. Everyone did a great job. The story was unique. The effects were amazing. He was able to tap into emotion in really novel ways. I don't think he's gotten the recognition he deserves for the "neutrality" of the film. Good storytelling is when you can enjoy a tale over and over again from different perspectives. He did that. Good vs evil? Man vs nature? Love vs loss? What is about? It doesn't matter. It's whatever you got out of it that time.

Then it all goes to complete shit. And this explains why I never saw Titanic, if you are wondering. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me five times in a row, you're never getting another fucking dollar from me.

At some point, it all went to his head. And he began to do whatever he wanted. Like Lucas, he needs some restraint. I think about Lucas and technology and how he did the old Star Wars films vs the new ones. The old films were good because of the limits of technology. It made for better storytelling. It had to. The technology wasn't there. But with unlimited ILM/Skywalker Ranch at his fingertips, the new films were just awful. I mean, Natalie Portman is one of the best actors of my generation and even he could not get a performance out of her that didn't make me laugh. Ewan McGregor directed himself, you can tell.

Well, Cameron is like that, but worse. With money and control, he could do whatever he wanted. And he did, and it sucked.

-Point Break: Now there have been a few films where I laughed out loud during the presentation and even heckled, but I would say Point Break was the one where I popped that cherry. Easily one of the stupidest fucking pieces of shit ever. You can see Cameron just getting involved with this to bank money for T2. He wrote it, his wife directed it and they both cursed us with Keanu Reeves. This is where "extreme" became a dirty word.

-Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Yes, I am deadly serious. I absolutely fucking hated this movie. Hated it. Here you have Cameron with all of the money in the world. What does he give us? Liquid metal. I guess it's like Vegas. Flashing lights and loud noises are enough to impress people? Well, in the early 90's it was liquid metal. Without that special effect, perhaps we would have had a different story. One in the vein of the first film. This is also where he started to rip off children's tales. To me, T2 was Old Yeller: Robot Edition. Seriously. Put all of the effects aside. What are you left with? A Boy And His Robot. Who he has to kill or let die. And by the way, Edward Furlong is a terrible actor and was a terrible choice. The only saving grace there is that we got Robert Patrick out of it.

-True Lies: Here we get to the point where his pro-feminism stance is as subtle as a brick to the face and about as enjoyable as well. This movie is a "tweener", between a comedy and an action film. Quentin Tarantino? Now there's someone who does it right. This movie was like The Last Action Hero: Stupider II. In fact, he supposedly had something to do with The Last Action Hero. I don't know what, but it's one of the few movies I have not been able to watch from start to finish. What's funny is that Cameron wrote, directed and produced this film and failed at all three. The script was retarded. I couldn't have cared less about the characters or their story. It wasn't funny enough to be a comedy and it wasn't exciting enough to be an action film.

I take that back. One of the unintentionally funniest things in the film were the bad guys. I will never forget this. "Crimson Jihad" was the ridiculous name of the terrorist group Arnie was fighting. Are fucking kidding me? CRIMSON JIHAD? What ignorance. What laughable stupidity.

The action sequences were boring and silly. The characters were stiff and wooden. He had no control over Tom Arnold whatsoever. Hell, the casting sucked as well. But he got nothing out of his performers...I don't know if I can ever call them actors. Eliza Dushku is painful for me to watch to this day.

And of course he bankrolled this cinematic abortion. His money, right? No one to tell him "no", right?

Crimson Jihad. lololololol

-Strange Days: Let me say something. I see a film, I stay until the last credit has rolled. I will give myself a bladder infection rather than get up in a movie to go piss. I plan watching a film so that I don't have to use a toilet at all. I am that serious about the movie experience. And I said I walked out on Last Action Hero? Same with Strange Days. It took me many attempts to watch this on TV in brief snippets to finally get through this laughable turd of a film. This was a movie that tried too hard to be artsy and just ended up being laughable. The ending was stupid. It tried to be visually interesting but was about as fun as watching a Missy Elliot video on MTV. I've had more fun watching slot machines run a diagnostic than the supposed "awesome ending" of this film. Note that he and his wife did this one as well.

And that was it for me. I was done with him. He was no longer the filmmaker he was in the 80's. The next movie he made was of course, Titanic. Even if I had interest in the subject matter (I did not), I still wouldn't see it. The masses of addicts showing up at the movie day after day made it even less palatable to me. I would call myself an elitist, except that hating James Cameron doesn't make you an elitist, it just makes you reject ridiculous filmmaking that has the gall to present itself as something to be taken seriously.

What did he make after that? Solaris? Sorry, I'll take Event Horizon, thank you very much. T3? Very little to do with it. Which is probably why I liked it more than T2. But that's just me. Everyone else hated it. Avatar?

Yes, Avatar. Remember where I said that T2 was Old Yeller? This is Pocahontas. DISNEY'S POCAHONTAS. I am very much all about the presentation of a film and the cinematic experience. For me, it's an event. I wanted to experience Avatar. But I had to be sure. So I read the script and the spoilers. It was motherfucking Pocahontas AND it was preachy as all hell. Again, thanks Cameron. The subtlety of the brick to the face yet again. You should have borrowed the Imperial Senate from Lucas and had George Bush as a Sith Lord while you were at it. Asshole. We aren't that stupid, James. We don't need you to brainwash us to your causes. You're like a grown-up weaboo, wanting to be something you're not and can never be.


How about his TV work?

Dark Angel: Wow, where do I start with this? A strong female character? In your show, James? Wow. Oh, and you named her ambiguously as Max. But then you added Guevara, like Che. Wow, isn't that cute. I bet you earned yourself a "Che looking up" messenger bag for life from the tourist association of every place on the planet that sells those to ignorant college kids. Then, you set it in Seattle. Wow, how trendy of you. Thanks, James. Just what we in Seattle wanted at the time - more attention. How glad I was when that dumb show got canned.

In the end, I have two words to describe James Cameron:

Crimson Jihad

2009 NFL Draft Recap

Well, playoff games still to come aside, I think it's fairly safe to grade the NFL Draft for 2009.

#1 DET - Matthew Stafford - B+
I thought this was a bad pick. Not that Stafford isn't a good player or wasn't have a great season. He was. But the Lions should not be making that kind of commitment to a single player when they have so many needs to fill. Even if they took less than the value of a #1 pick, I would have dealt it to get more players. I am afraid that Stafford may not have the success he deserves due to a lack of talent around him. St Louis or Seattle should have traded up to draft him. Not that St Louis has more talent than Detroit, but STL can at least attract free agents.

#2 STL - Jason Smith - D-
I have to rate this as a bad pick, though I liked what I saw from him and he should be a steady NFL'er (assuming he can get his concussions behind him). The problem you have here is a guy who probably had a history of concussions and the Rams didn't dig deep enough to find out or ignored the warning signs. Then they draft a guy who is going to play at least half of his games on an artificial surface? I think that had we known he would get concussed and fail to come back from it, he would have been drafted lower. Somebody didn't do their homework. On a personal level, I think he is cool as hell. I feel bad for him. I am not sure he is going to be the next Orlando Pace, even without the concussions.

#3 KC - Tyson Jackson - C-
Again, here is a guy who probably could have and should have gone somewhere else. I don't like his size and body type for what the Chiefs wanted to do with him. They really needed a smaller, quicker guy who could get after it or a bigger guy who could be a bit of an obstruction. The Chiefs left side is worthless in stopping the run or rushing the pass and Tyson didn't do anything to help. He needs to step it up.

#4 SEA - Aaron Curry - D+
This was such a terrible pick on so many levels. Seattle should have gone QB or traded down for more picks. They have a lot of holes to fill and an ageing QB. David Hawthorne, an undrafted free agent had double the tackles that Aaron Curry did. What is more amazing is that Curry had almost no assists. That means that he didn't help Hawthorne, while Hawthorne got everything. When you can get a guy who will be one of the top 3 MLB in the league for the next 10 years as a free agent and use a #4 pick on Aaron Curry, it puts things in perspective. Lofa Tatupu will come back at MLB and there is a good argument that David Hawthorne should play WLB over Curry. He can't play WLB, why would he play SLB?

#5 NYJ - Mark Sanchez - A
Not that I think Sanchez is the greatest QB, it's just that it was a good trade, good pick and good fit. And in the NFL you don't need to be the best QB, you just need to be the best fit. He has a long way to go, but the aptitude to get it done. I think that is all you can really ask. The Seahawks, 49ers or Broncos should have traded up/down to get him.

#6 CIN - Andre Smith - F
This pick is so bad, so ridiculous that I could write about this and only this. Suffice it to say, the Bengals need to hire some football people to evaluate talent. Here's something you don't hear, but I will point out: When Andre finally got a chance to start, the Bengals lost 3 out of 4 games and their running game went into the toilet. This was AFTER they added Larry Johnson and Cedric Benson got healthy. Look at his bouncing flab at the combine. His abrupt exit there. He was supposed to be a pure run blocker. Instead, he killed a playoff team. This guy should have been a much later pick. The Bungles panicked and took him.

#7 OAK - Darrius Heyward-Bey - C-
I still think this will be a good pick in the long run, but clearly he was never healthy with his hamstring injury. This kid has a lot of raw talent. The Raiders need to develop that. I am not sure they can, but if they do, he will be worth it. If not, he will be washed-up and re-emerge on the Patriots as some sort of superstar that surprises everyone. Clearly he was not a #7 pick in value. Potential, perhaps. But that's a lot to pay for potential. Then again, that's why they have a draft.

#8 JAC - Eugene Monroe - C
I am torn on this pick. On one hand you can point to Maurice Jones-Drew's success and attribute it to Monroe. On the other hand, he has to take his fair share of the blame for Garrard having a down year. There were times where he just flat-out missed plays and did not have his head in the game. Ultimately I think he and Eben Britton are going to be a pretty nice combo, but if the Jags can motivate Monroe the same way Britton is motivated, they may have something. I would switch their positions and put Britton at left OT.

#9 GB - BJ Raji - B+
I like this pick. I think the Packers got a lot of value with a guy who was rough and had problems. They are the team to clean him up. I don't think he helped that awesome Packers D too much, but he didn't hurt them much, either. And what they ask of him in their new 3-4 scheme is to just be a pawn and he did that well. The reason I think this is such a good pick is because he really met the needs of the Packers. Even if it's not a sexy pick, it doesn't have to be. NT on a 3-4 is never sexy.

#10 SF - Michael Crabtree - D-
I think this was a mistake. It would have been an F had they not been lucky to get such value dropping in their laps. They should have drafted QB, but got Crabtree out of sheer luck. Not that I don't think he's a good player. He is. But he hurt that team badly this year by not being there and being a distraction. I don't like the way he conducted himself, either. Considering what Mike Singletary is like and what he is trying to do, taking a player like this is befuddling. I would have drafted him and traded him if I couldn't trade the pick so that someone else could draft him.

#11 BUF - Aaron Maybin - C-
I don't really quite understand this pick. I am not sure exactly where to use this guy. I like his potential, but I don't understand why the Bills would draft him when they have Aaron Schoebel and Chris Kelsay. Look, I know none of you even know who Kelsay is, but suffice it to say that he is a solid DE. If I was starting a defense, he would be one of my cornerstones because he can do it all. He's not the best pass rusher, but he gets there often enough and makes tackles in space. Why was Maybin better than him? Why did they need an improvement? I mean, I like both of their character. Maybin has a lot of potential. I don't know where you put this guy, but he has the tools to be a serious player. He just doesn't have an opening to use them.

#12 DEN - Knowshon Moreno - A+
I really think Denver got a steal here. There was a lot of value. They drafted for need and got it. It really was a perfect pick. Now I am not saying he is going to be Walter Payton. But he doesn't have to be. The Broncos do not need to draft an RB for quite some time unless it is a 6th-round project. I like how they used him this year, except that he seemed to wear down. Which is ok, it's his first NFL season. But when he was on, they won. They went 6-0 with him getting a heavy load, but I think they may have overdone it. Next year, with a full season under his belt I think he is going to be very productive, with our without splitting carries. I cannot say enough how this is a great pick. All the Broncos need to do is use him right.

#13 WAS - Brian Orakpo - A+
Wow, what a stud. Even better than advertised. You cannot say enough about this guy. He did what they told him to do and did a good job. He lined up when the other team knew he was coming and there was no other threat and he performed. His sheer athleticism and pure football heart is almost Ray Lewis-like. And I don't really care what his stats are in a given game, he is an impact player. I saw a lot of games where teams just stayed the hell away from him. I just love his motor, his football heart. This is a truly special player, and in the context of Tyson Jackson or Aaron Maybin it makes you wonder. The Bills couldn't find a position for Maybin. Orakpo? He could have played either OLB for them. What a gift to the Redskins and they took advantage of it.

#14 NO - Malcolm Jenkins - A
Another just perfect pick. Here was a guy they could develop, and when called into action did nothing but exceed expectations. He still has a ways to go and will have some growing pains as teams pick on him. Whatever direction the Saints go in the future, the CB position is set and that really gives them a lot of flexibility in keeping players and drafting them. He'd have gotten an A+ if he was Vontae Davis.

#15 HOU - Brian Cushing - A+
This might be the best pick of the draft. He will be a leader on that team for years to come. His presence instantly made the entire team a contender from the get-go. He is another Brian Urlacher. I don't think there is anything he could not do at any of the LB positions. The flexibility he brings the team is limitless. When you look at this guy and your team drafted before Houston, it has to make you a little sick that you didn't get him and they did.

#16 SD - Larry English - F
This was a gamble that failed. Had English been great, Shawne Merriman would end up parting ways with the Chargers. English is a tweener - he just isn't a DE or an LB and probably can't play every down at this stage of his career. Instead of shuffling the line with Vazquez and Dombrowski, the Chargers could have drafted MICHAEL OHER. There were other pressing needs. Now, they are either going to have to figure out a way to keep Merriman happy or get ready to pay. English isn't going to fill that void anytime soon.

#17 TB - Josh Freeman - D+
I find it hard to believe that they could not have traded down and still been able to pick him up later. I am not impressed with his attitude. I feel sorry for him having to endure the kinds of changes in coaching he faced, but he could have handled things in a more professional manner. After all, this is the future leader of your team. The thing is, Tampa is not the place to develop him or get him sorted out as a man. I would have liked the Vikings to pick him. Brad Childress would work wonders with this guy.

#18 DEN - Robert Ayers - F
This pick is an F simply because Denver actually got this pick in trade and didn't know what to do with it. More interesting is that the other picks implicated in this trade ended up being Mike Wallace and Johnny Knox. Regardless, this guy could not even find a spot on the starting front 7 when Denver was so desperate that they were using Andra Davis as a nose tackle in certain situations. I don't know what this guy's deal is, but he needs to step it up. He has all the opportunity in the world to crack the lineup on the Broncos and the fact he hasn't should tell you something. Juxtaposed with the Moreno pick, all you can deduce is "dumb luck" when it comes to the Broncos.

#19 PHI - Jeremy Maclin - A
I have to up-rate this one a bit because this guy really stepped it up and grew into what was asked of him. At this point, I am not sure Kevin Curtis gets his job back. In fact, I am not sure that the Eagles even keep Kevin Curtis at this point. Except for a brief foot injury, towards the end of the season he really came on. What you don't see in the stats is that he went from making catches in the first 6 games or so to making plays in his last 8 appearances. He may end up being better than DeSean Jackson. He might be the Wes Welker to DeSean's Moss.

#20 DET - Brandon Pettigrew - B
If you watched him play at all, you had to be satisfied with what he was doing. It was a realistic pace for him to have 50 catches and 500 yards. For a rookie TE, those are impressive numbers. And after he went down, I think you noticed it in Stafford's comfort and vulnerability. The only issue I have is taking him so early when there were still players like Michael Oher on the board. Look - this grade isn't a sleight on him at all. It's just that if you have a new QB who you are going to pay $50-60m to in the next few years, why not draft Oher? And look at what happened: Stafford went down. A TE can only do so much. Also, I am not convinced they could not have drafted him in the 2nd round.

#21 CLE - Alex Mack - A
Love it, love it, love it. He put it together. I think the Browns found themselves a guy who is going to help them until 2025 with this guy. His makeup, both physically and mentally is great. I like what I see and what I hear from him. And hey, it would have been an A+ if he played another position. I am not a huge fan of drafting a C with the 21st overall pick, but Cleveland knew what it needed and went out and got it. The sky is the limit with this kid.

#22 MIN - Percy Harvin - B+
Really? A B+? Am I crazy? No. I love this guy. But there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that he suffers from debilitating migraine headaches. It has impacted his play this season. Yes, he could have been EVEN BETTER. The second is Brett Favre. Brett made him this year. Whoever Brett is comfortable with is going to benefit from being targeted. Turns out it's this guy. If he can get his neurological issues solved and sustain his production in a post-Favre era, the Vikings will have scored. The best part? He gives them leverage to cut Berrian or get money back from him.

#23 BAL - Michael Oher - A+
What a story. And a guy of his character going to a franchise like Baltimore? Heartbreaking for this Steeler fan. As it got closer and closer and clearer and clearer he would slip to them, my heart sank more and more. Now there is Oher and Ray Lewis, two guys I have to root for on my main rival. On a serious note, go back to Jason Smith. It just makes that pick look so very bad. And what impact did he have on Ray Rice? McGahee was up the gut, but Rice kept making HUGE plays out of nothing with Oher in the vicinity. A tremendous impact player and any number of teams could have drafted him and didn't.

#24 ATL - Peria Jerry - B-
It's tough to call this one. He was underachieving a bit for my standards before he went down. Though I liked the potential he showed. The thing about DL and DT in particular is that you don't always get your number called or make the highlight reel. That's alright if you are doing your job. I think he was doing his job and should be a good player, provided we see a full season from him. DT is a tough position to find, so I believe the Falcons did the right thing and got value from this pick. It was the right pick for them to make, especially in light of Harvin being taken.

#25 MIA - Vontae Davis - A+
Here is a Dolphins team who had the hardest schedule in football, devastating personnel losses and still were highly competitive. Why? Because of this young man. You saw him perform. You saw his leadership. You saw him with his teammates. He is so much better than his brother it is stupefying when you consider it. He is a TE who was taken with the 6th pick. For a TE? Who was a headcase? And you have a CB of this calibre drop to #25? What a steal. What a shrewd pick. Clearly the best CB taken and IMO, may be better than Darrelle Revis. Revis is a shut-down CB who can take out a guy one-on-one. But Davis? He is a playmaker. In 8 years when Revis loses a step, he'll be a journeyman playing the nickel. Davis will be a Pro Bowler at SS or FS. And he did make some mistakes, but he should have been a college senior this year! Sky's the limit for this kid.

#26 GB - Clay Matthews - A+
Football pedigree. Football town. Great personality and intensity when it comes to the game. If anyone can make Packer fans say "Brett who?", it will be him as much as Rodgers. They simply scored. They got a player, a leader, you name it. Some people questioned his fit in the new 3-4 defense. It seems to me that they got exactly the right player for it. I don't know what is more amazing - that he played on the same line with Brian Cushing at USC or that there were 11 picks between them. If Cushing was a steal, Matthews was a STEAL. How did Buffalo not trade down and take this guy?

#27 IND - Donald Brown - A-
This is another player I could write about for a long time. He really is one of the most interesting players taken in the draft. We have to admit that his prospect of being a workhorse and running 25 times between the tackles is slim. He isn't that back. So he loses a bit of value there. He can run a draw on passing downs...which is where he is so enigmatic. He's an outside runner. These guys are not good pass blockers. But he is. Better than a lot of bigger guys. He also understands what Manning is doing and can read coverages. He can actually engage rushers that are bigger than he is. He anticipates what Manning does. It was devastating to me as a football fan when the Colts took him. He was raw and they have already developed him so well. His speed on the astroturf...if they can find an inside runner to compliment him, he is going to be a terror. The Colts know what they are doing. They get so much out of so little by getting guys who are complimentary and who can do extra things and this is a great example of it.

#28 BUF - Eric Wood - B
The jury is still out on this one for me. The reservation I have is that Buffalo could have moved around some picks and probably ended up with Mack and Matthews and been better for it. What I saw out of Wood this year was some heart, but not the actual progress I wanted to see on the field. The saving grace is that I think he suits Buffalo's fans more than Mack does. They need a guy with a little fire and I think he has it. But then again, if Buffalo needs someone to cheerlead, they can hire some more Jills.

#29 NYG - Hakeem Nicks - A+
This was probably one of THE most important picks in the draft. The Giants were trying to move on from the nastiness of Plaxico Burress. They needed a WR. Nicks was rated the top WR and if rumours were true, the Giants top guy on the draft board at the position. The fact he slipped so far to them must have seemed like a gift. He is so right for them. Tough, a football player through and through, works hard and smart, Eli needed him. You name it. But most of all, I think his presence made Hixon, Manningham and Smith better. This could be a crew like Warren Moon had with the run and gun and he is their Webster Slaughter. I REALLY like this pick. It was so good it almost seemed like the fix was in.

#30 TEN - Kenny Britt - A-
I just want to see some more consistency from this young man. If the Titans can get it switched around and have Britt on the outside drawing double coverage and Nate Washington in the slot, the things it will do for Vince and the run game will be amazing. He doesn't even HAVE to produce, he just needs to be a viable threat. And frankly, I thought he took some plays off, a la Randy Moss. If Fisher can get this kid's head in the game, you are looking at Andre Johnson II, a big guy who can help your team on every play, whether the ball comes to them or not. He just needs the selflessness of Andre if he wants to be like him.

#31 ARZ - Beanie Wells - B+
Good player. Came on late. But I didn't find him to be the best compliment to Hightower. I felt like they made this pick because the fans expected them to make it, not because it was actually their most pressing need. If you look at it, there were other players on the board that were better fits and better value for more pressing needs. Keep in mind that subsequent picks included Louis Delmas, Rey Maualuga, Eben Britton and Max Unger, all players that could have filled in or been developed over time. I also think Beanie would have had better stats on a different team. Still, he showed us all something as the season went on. There is no doubt that this guy is a football player. He'll be solid, but there were better choices.

#32 PIT - Ziggy Hood - D-
I think this was a disaster. Hood is a great player, don't get me wrong. But Jarron Gilbert was on the board and the Steelers could have drafted him and brought him along slowly to replace Hampton. If the Cardinals, who are so close to the Steelers that they are like brothers passes on the people I mentioned above, surely the Steelers would learn from their mistakes! The correct pick was Unger or Britton. They need to rebuild the O-line. But absent that, Jairus Byrd is just devastating, especially after being swooped by the Jets on Darrelle Revis. The Steelers got robbed when the Jets got scared and took him. Their need for a CB only got more pronounced. Worst of all, Byrd also plays Safety, something the Steelers ask their CBs to do - see Rod Woodson and Carnell Lake. With Polamalu being able to cover like a corner, a corner like Byrd playing Safety means the Steelers could have disguised coverages even more, their forte. And still had their DT of the future with Gilbert with a later pick.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. We have it down on paper, so we will find out in a couple of years if I am full of shit or need to be tapped for an NFL GM's job.

Well, life keeps happening

It's strange. I have been so damned busy moving and everything. I get a few minutes here and there. But before I knew it...bam! I have a 16-year old. I didn't make time for that, it just happened.

Man. Teenagers are a pain in the ass. It's cruel they are toddlers AND teenagers. It would be better if they both happened back to back.

What an unreal month

Still packing the house and had the closing date extended twice. You would think that while I am busy getting jerked around at Maple Ridge Chrysler people would pack?


So we are doing it last minute.

I hate procrastination.


I think that if I didn't have my kids family in California, I would never go there. My friends should come visit me. Canada is awesome. I'll miss it while I am gone.


Taco Bell commercial:

"Who ate my volcano taco?"

Dude, I don't know, but I highly suggest not getting plastered at gay bars and you will never have to ask that question again. But I think the guy's name was Karl Sanchez and he was from Cleveland.

Neck care

Back in Vancouver, the tui na guy I go to is awesome. When my neck is all jacked up, he fixes it every single time. He beats the living hell out of me. I remember the Charles Bronson film "The Mechanic" where he fiddles with wax and then shows his protege that he can break a wine glass by putting two fingers in and spreading them apart. That's strength. This guy is like that. He could crush people with his hands.

Here in Montreal there's a tui na guy who is also pretty good, but not the same level. However, I think it will even out in the end.

The Vancouver guy is $50 for an hour. It's about 45 minutes of deep tissue massage and then 10 minutes of cupping. I can't stand the cupping, but I know it works. Cupping is where they have globes of glass and light fire into them and put them on your back. In the absence of oxygen, it creates a vacuum and sticks to you. It leaves giant, painful hickeys. It also makes me need to piss like a racehorse, so every minute is an eternity. But it is good due to the fact that it keeps the back very tender so it won't seize up again easily for many days and has a chance to heal. The theory is that it draws the bad/diseased blood and energy out to the surface. Whether you believe the theory, it works in practise. I also like that he is strong enough to push on my sinuses and help clear my head after laying on my stomach for an hour. I am afraid he is going to rip my ears off, though. Also, I have to keep my hair cut short because I lose hair afterward. Dude is not gentle. There is absolutely nothing pleasurable about this massage. It's all business and it works.

The Montreal guy is $40 for an hour, but he will run long, 70 minutes on the low end and 90 on the high end. He plays it by ear based upon how jacked up I am or not. Plus, after 7 sessions, I get a free one. So that's pretty cool. He is not as strong as the guy in Vancouver and is 20 years younger, so is missing a bit of the experience. Also, while the guy in Vancouver has a specialty in cupping, the Montreal guy does reflexology. I am not 100% on the efficacy of reflexology, but it can't hurt, so I won't complain. Generally I get about 45-60 minutes massage and then 25-30 of reflexology on the feet. I think it would be more effective with a stronger push than reflexology, but so far it's working.

I can't decide which the better deal is. The guy in Vancouver will last me a good 2 weeks before I need to see him again, whereas the guy here in Montreal usually needs two tries to get me unwound. I'd say it's about $160/mo here and $100/mo back in Vancouver, but if you break it down by price per minute, it's not too bad here. In the end I still pay more and spend more time, but I guess I get more massage therapy, which is good if you enjoy that sort of thing, but I don't. I enjoy the result and that's it.

Anyway, the point is that if it were a little more expensive, I could almost justify semi-frequent trips to Vancouver for tui na massotherapy and seeing my magic chiropractor.